Java Mail Clients

This demo is created to test the Java Mail Clients, to configure MailService is jHipster application as suggested in jHipster Tip - Configuring Email with - Gmail

Note (for Gmail)

You must allow your Gmail Account to access less secure apps.

Login to Gmail and visit Here to Turn On Access for less secure apps.

More Info here


$ git clone

Updated Version (added support for Attachments):

  1. Update file with to and from Email address and password.
  2. Select the SMTP Server (GMAIL, YAHOO, OUTLOOK or ZOHO) and update the File path where the attachments are located.
  3. Run the SendEmailWithAttachments class as Java Application.

Older Version:

  1. Change the sendToAddress, sendFromAddress and password in the respective E-Mail client app and run as Java Application.


Refer below links for API and SMTP settings:

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