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Github Projects

Aws Lambda Filter Chain

AWS Lambda Filter Chain provides a way to add filters similar to javax.servlet.Filter to the AWS Lambda Functions handling requests from API Gateway

Spring Redis Websocket

Multi-instance WebSocket messaging Chat App demo using Spring Boot and Redis Pub/Sub

Spring Cloud Task as K8s Cronjob

Spring Cloud Task Application running as CronJob in Kubernetes - Cron UI: spring-cronjob-currency

Aws Service Broker

AWS Open Service Broker - Offering RDS and S3 Service

Aws S3 File System

AWS S3 File System Application

Boot Kubeless

Spring Boot project for Custom Kubeless Runtime

Spring Twitter Stream

Spring Boot - Spring Social - Twitter Stream with Word Cloud and Tweet Search

Java Mail Clients

Send Java Email from GMail, Outlook, Yahoo and Zoho. Demo App to test jHipster tip for Email

Spring Rest Batch

Spring Boot-Batch project to read Movies from TheMovieDB REST API and store into database.

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